Muslim Students Association
at Virginia Commonwealth University

Get Involved

The MSA at VCU is a community of Brothers and Sisters. The MSA exists to serve the Muslim, and interested non-Muslim, students to meet their needs. There are many ways to join MSA and get involved!

1. Come to Prayer
The MSA organizes the Friday (Jummah) Prayer every week in the Student Commons (usually in the Virginia Rooms, but we will email and post if otherwise), all students are welcome to come! The sermon begins at approximately 1:00pm and is followed by a brief prayer. For more information about Friday Prayer please contact MSA Vice President Anisah Khan ( or Secretary Mariam Owais (

2. Come to an Event
The MSA has several regular activities that you can attend of all types.

  • If you’re interested in learning more about Islam attend some of our weekly halaqas/classes. Often, the khutba (sermon before prayer) can be informative as well.
  • If you’re interested in sports, join one of our many Intramural sports teams.
  • If you’re interested in community service, get involved with Project Downtown  and Fast-a-Thon (Ramadan only)!
  • If you want to help plan your own activities, contact any officer or Shura member. See the “Meet the Officers” page for more information.

3. Join a Committee
The MSA has several committees to plan the events and activities for its students. New members are always welcome to join and help out. To join a committee, email MSA Vice President Anisah Khan ( or Secretary Mariam Owais ( The committees are listed below:


  • The Brothers’ Social Committee
  • The Sisters’ Social Committee
  • The Education Committee
  • The Communications Committee
  • The Community Service Committee


  • The Fast-a-Thon Committee
  • The Ramadan Committee
  • The Coffeehouse Committee (email Communications)

4. Become an Officer
The MSA has elections each year for four positions: President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The MSA also has Committee Chair positions that might be open.

5. Join our Facebook Group
If you have a  facebook account , then join our VCU MSA group to stay updated. Oftentimes the facebook group is the fastest way to get a hold of many members.
Click below to join!



One Response to “Get Involved”

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