Muslim Students Association
at Virginia Commonwealth University

Welcome back for Spring 2013!

AOA Everyone!
Insha’Allah we’ll have some new updates for you soon. For now, welcome back! We hope you are getting settled in and returning to the school routine.
One main activity we are up to these days is updating our contact and messaging system. Many of you may have received the following email in your inboxes, or a similar message on your phones. If you haven’t, then we have the wrong contact info for you (our bad!) and we urge you to send us the corrected info via email.
::The message::
As many of you have probably noticed, last semester we had some difficulty with our emails. The MSA at VCU apologizes for the inefficiency of our email system and any inconveniences it may have caused you. We are sorry if you have been receiving messages and you do not want to do so or that do no pertain to you. Therefore, we are sending this final message out before we completely revamp our emailing system to better serve our community.
If you would like to be removed from any or all MSA contact services please reply to this message with the word ‘Remove’ along with the email address(es) and/or the texting number you no longer want associated with us.
If you would like to be added or remain on our contact lists, then please reply with the following information:
–Name, Gender, Email Address
–Phone # and Carrier, if you would like to be a part of our mass-text program. A reminder, we cannot send texts to smartphone applications such as TextPlus, TextNow, TextFree, etc.
–Any other information you would like for us to know. Suggestions, criticisms, feedback, and ideas are all welcome.
Other than that, we are in the midst of doing our best to plan more and better events this semester. See you soon!

5 Responses to “Welcome back for Spring 2013!”

  1. Hello! I am producing an animated documentary about the Iraq War as seen through the eyes of an Iraqi who worked as a translator for the US military. I’ve started a crowd funding campaign for this project and wonder if there is any way you could support it. Also, I would like to know if you have suggestions as to how I can draw more attention to this film. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you very much.

    Donna Schatz

  2. Remove 571-228-2068

  3. I would like to be a part if the emailing list.

  4. I would like to be a part of the emailing list

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