Muslim Students Association
at Virginia Commonwealth University

Weekly Bulletin

For the Week of 11/21/2011 — 11/25/2011

Asalaamu Alaykum Brothers and Sisters!

  Jazakallah khair to everyone who came. Thank you for making it a great success!

VCU MSA has started a texting program! If you would like to receive text reminders from MSA, please email your name, phone number, and your phone carrier (this is important!) to We will text you before events. If you use a specific application on your iPod/smartphone, then email us the name of the app. We will try to incorporate apps, but so far, apps have not been working well with the program we use.

Weekly events:
*Sisters’ Qur’an Class: Cancelled for this week
*Brothers’ Qur’an Class: Cancelled for this week
*Weekly Halaqa: Cancelled for this week
*Ju’muah Prayer Cancelled for this week

*Weekly Project Downtown is cancelled for this week

Ongoing and Upcoming Events!!!

*Film: “Mooz-Lum” will be shown on  Tuesday November 29th insha’Allah in the Commons Theater at 6:00pm. “Mooz-Lum. Official Trailer: (

*Due to VCU Policy, Jummah Prayer will NOT be held during winter break. The last Jummah will be held on Dec. 9. If you need information about Jummah elsewhere in the community, please email us ( and insha’Allah we will send details to you.


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