Muslim Students Association
at Virginia Commonwealth University


Interested in having a specific lecture?  Have a concern you want addressed?  Or just want to meet the leadership?  The Shura meeting is the place for you!  The Shura board meets every Thursday in the Student Commons at 7pm.  Everyone is welcome!

When: Every Thursday at 7 PM

Where: Virginia Room A

All are welcome to attend and voice any concerns, opinions, or propositions!



One Response to “SHURA MEETINGS”

  1. I was at the Inerfaith Stories session and propose a project. What it would be about is Jihad and what it goal is to show what it really means and how anyone can appreciate the proper meaning and pursuit of jihad by having people via art, writing, story sharing etc. share how they strive how they “jihad” for different things in thier life. It can be relgion and secular pursuits so prayer or going to college to become a doctor for example. The ulitimate goal is to share an overwhelming amount of positive image, writing, and stories that jihad isn’t the war, suicide, and murder it is depeicted on too often on the news and that it is simply strving for nearness to Allah and betterment of others, self, and world.

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